The following guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") shall apply for any use by the Customer of Trustpilot's products and services.

1.  Inviting Consumers to submit reviews of the Customer

When inviting Consumers to submit reviews the Customer is be obligated to observe the following mandatory rules:

a) The Customer shall ensure that all Consumers are invited equally and identically to submit a review regarding their purchase experience. This also applies when review invitations are emailed to several previous Consumers by way of Trustpilot's Kickstart Review Service.

b) The Customer may not invite selected Consumers to submit a review; the Customer shall invite all or no one.

c) The invitation to submit a review shall be unbiased and independent of whether the Consumer is expected to have had a positive or negative experience in connection with her/his purchase at the Customer.

d) The language in the invitation to submit a review shall be neutral and e.g. without any attempts to (i) influence the Consumer in a positive or negative direction or (ii) attract specific types of Consumers.

e) The invitation shall include a link leading the Consumer directly to Trustpilot's review form.

The Customer is encouraged to use the default text suggested by Trustpilot in the Review Invitation Service. If the Customer makes any changes in Trustpilot's default text, the Customer is obligated to ensure that the changes are in accordance with the above instructions. If Trustpilot deems that the text in the review invitation does not comply with the instructions, Trustpilot shall at any time and immediately be entitled to insert its default text in the review invitation and notify the Customer hereof.

2.  Consideration in connection with submitting a review

If the Customer offers considerations or rewards to its Consumers for submitting a review, the consideration shall not be conditioned by a submission of a positive or negative review of the Customer, and it shall expressly be informed to the Consumer that the consideration is not conditioned by a positive or negative review.

3.  The use of order-ID validation

Reviews submitted without using the Review Invitation Service may be subject to an order-ID validation to support the validity. Order-ID validation may be enabled by contacting Trustpilot support: Order-id validation does not provide retroactive validation of reviews posted prior to its activation.

If the Customer establishes that invalid order numbers are used in connection with submitting reviews, the Customer shall be obligated to inform Trustpilot hereon without undue delay.

4.  The use of Trustpilot Designs

The Customer shall be entitled to use Trustpilot's logos, graphics and trademarks (hereinafter referred to as "Trustpilot Designs") as specified in the Trademark Guidelines in its sales promotion materials and on its website, as long as the Customer has a valid license hereto. Any other use of Trustpilot Designs, including but not limited to use of Trustpilot Designs in TV commercials, is only permitted upon prior written consent from Trustpilot. Trustpilot Designs are available on

If the Customer displays the TrustScore and/or Trustpilot Stars on the Customer's website the Customer shall ensure that the displayed TrustScore and Trustpilot Stars are always accurate and reflects the Customer's actual awarded number of Trustpilot Stars and TrustScore on Trustpilot's website.